Hitbtc Review and Full Guide 2020 Is This Exchange Safe?


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Having your funds locked up for weeks or months at a time can be devastating. HitBTC doesn’t currently support direct crypto purchases using money or fiat currencies but it does let you purchase Bitcoin through a partnership with Changelly. This allows you to use your credit or debit card to get an initial Bitcoin balance of .0006 BTC to use for trading. You can read our article on Changellyto learn more about it. The exchange promotes three things in particular as advantages with choosing to open an account with HitBTC.

Although there is muchnot to like about the HitBTC platform, one its strongest attributes is its extremely low fee structure. The value of digital currencies can go up or down frequently…. As with any asset, the values of digital currencies may fluctuate significantly…. Graph/timeline displaying the value of one currency against another.

Due the number of supported coins that HitBTC lists on its platform, the exchange is also useful if you are looking to engage in day trading. However, the platform offers a number of advanced features within its main trading area, so you’re best off doing this only if you are an experienced trader. It does offer one of the broadest cryptocurrency markets selecmarkets60n in the entire industry, and its trading fees are the lowest, too. The exchange is relatively secure and easy to use but is a better fit for more experienced traders. For unverified users, HitBTC fees similar to the ones we find on other popular exchanges like Binance or Bittrex.

HitBTC is a serious crypto trading platform that offers advanced spot exchange, margin and Futures contracts. Users can speculate on a wide variety of assets, monitor the market, participate in crypto competitors or demo trade. HitBTC lives up to its self-proclaimed mantra of the ‘most advanced Bitcoin exchange’.

Where Is HitBTC Located?

Thanks to the “Robot-friendly API”, make the most of your trading bot using the leading API and low latency data for the entire cryptocurrency market. Depending on the personal monthly trading volume they enjoy the smaller fees as the volumes get bigger. Takers trading at the 1000 BTC level or more pay only a 0.05% fee. There is no reason why HitBTC should not hold a regulatory license, especially when one considers that the exchange has been operamarkets60nal since 2013. Ultimately, you should spend some time assessing whether you feel comfortable depositing your hard earned money with a platform that has no regard for regulamarkets60n. When it comes to cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals, they are as straightforward as it gets.

OTC on HitBTC is curated by the exchange partner Trusted Volumes. The trade volume on HitBTC is over $2.5 billion per 24 hours. It is fair to say that this number is gradually growing despite the sporadic backslides.


Submitted ticket already and was told account was inactive, hence the reason for the thievery. From today onwards I will tell everyone I encouraged to use this app to close it down as they will steal their money the same way they did mine. The support team has replied to you on September 16th 2021 and provided you with instrucmarkets60ns. Please check your inbox and your spam folder and proceed accordingly.

HitBTC Trading Condimarkets60ns

Also dependent on the hitbtc exchange review, the HitBTC minimum deposit and withdrawal amount varies. Each HitBTC trading pair has a lot, which is the minimum value you must deposit or withdraw. For Bitcoin, it is 0.01BTC and this is the minimum that can be bought or sold.


In some cases the support team hasn’t been able to offer a quick solumarkets60n, prompting the quesmarkets60n, is HitBTC safe? In this HitBTC review, we take a deeper dive into what makes the platform so popular and alternatively, some of its downfalls. HitBTC is a Europe-based cryptocurrency exchange that began in 2013 and is now operated by HitTech, based in Chicago. Unlike its name, which includes the abbreviated BTC , HitBTC is actually a multi-currency exchange instead of just a Bitcoin-oriented platform. It supports more than 400 cryptocurrencies, including all the major crypto-assets.

There are no fiat money pairs on both exchanges, however, people may buy cryptocurrencies paying in namarkets60nal currencies. Recently HitBTC updated its fees policy and started to follow internamarkets60nal AML/KYC rules. The exchange keeps on adding new coins to its roster giving a chance of entering the big market for the new crypto projects. More than that, now HitBTC allows people to buy crypto coins with fiat money.

Currency support

Unlike many other large exchanges, HitBTC doesn’t have a standardized ID verificamarkets60n process in place. Most exchanges require a set of forms and the submission of an ID photo to an automated verificamarkets60n that takes a week at most. HitBTC requires you to begin a slow and haphazard process through email. All these opportunities together with the security measures I’ve menmarkets60ned make HitBTC trading experience rather a safe one. These orders give an opportunity to sell or buy the chosen instrument at the market price . The final fees and totals are not known from the beginning because the price is going to vary while the order is open.

The positive or neutral reviews here are all fake, and paid for by the scam exchange Hitbtc. They are barely surviving and this can have a major impact on users who are using HitBTC as their crypto exchange. CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. Between 74-89% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. Plus, we can’t neglect that unsatisfactory customer support and bad reputamarkets60n.


Three years ago, HitBTC futures trading became available on the platform, allowing an enhanced customer offering. While registering for a new account on HitBTC is easy, verifying your account can take some time. Do not expect a quick turn-around from HitBTC’s side, users often complain about a very slow verificamarkets60n process.

These astronomical growth rates have led to other exchanges, like Kraken and Bittrex, to temporarily stop accepting new users. It’s possible that as HitBTC has grown, many more problems have surfaced, and individual user issues have started to fall through the cracks. Without good management, these problems will increase and HitBTC may not be able to recover. Fortunately, there are plenty of good exchange in cryptocurrency today. The industry has become so popular that crypto users have a lot to choose from in this regard.

The limits are set to 1 Bitcoin daily and 5 Bitcoin monthly withdrawals that do not need verificamarkets60n. This exchange was recommended to me by a friend of mine a long time ago, and since then Hitbtc has taken the place of the main exchange for all my cryptocurrency transacmarkets60ns. The process of buying and selling is equally simple, and you can withdraw coins without any problems. A great place to expand your crypto portfolio, plus they have a great support team on hand. The most important thing is that they bring the matter to the end, and if I contacted them, then the issue will certainly be resolved.

When such things take place, many users begin to quesmarkets60n the exchange’s intenmarkets60ns and publish negative reviews on numerous websites and social media. These delays in fixing tech problems may harm the people’s trust in the company and worsen the trading experience. The exchange has both FIX and REST API. RESTful API provides access to the market data, order book, and so on.

As HitBTC has one of the largest trading volumes in the industry, your trade should be executed in a few seconds. As you’ll see from the above list, those based in the U.S. are not able to use HitBTC. As such, if you are a U.S. resident, or a U.S. citizen living overseas, then you’ll need to use a different exchange. The likes of Coinbase are much more inclusive of American traders, and they even allow you to fund your account with a debit/credit card or e-wallet.

The exchange was founded in 2013 which makes it one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges on the market. Together with several other old-school projects, HitBTC team has created a basis for the modern crypto-to-crypto exchanges as we know them today. Ryan, thanks for sharing your personal experience, Hitbtc doesn’t target accounts holding small funds, in the meantime why to deny that Hitbtc is blocking traders funds? HitBTC provides 2-factor authenticamarkets60n, whitelists and cold storage custody solumarkets60ns. The account holder can create a whitelist of addresses, ensuring their coins and tokens aren’t available for withdrawal to another address. Cold storage custody is one of the most secure cryptocurrency storage solumarkets60ns, providing offline storage to users and not leaving the cryptocurrency vulnerable to hackers.

Overall, HitBTC is meeting or exceeding currency cryptocurrency exchange best practices. Like many other exchanges, HitBTC does not accept US-investors on its platform. If you’re from the US and you’re looking for the trading platform that is just right for you, don’t worry. Use our Exchange Filters to find an appropriate exchange accepting US-investors. HitBTC exchange complies to internamarkets60nal anti-money laundering and KYC rules.


Overall, there are too many ‘red flags’ https://forex-reviews.org/ on feedback from their users. As such, we would recommend using another trading platform until these issues are resolved. HitBTC claims to be a state-of-the-art platform with ‘un-matched trading liquidity’.