How to become a solution architect


With a sizable starting salary and promising career prospects, it’s a job that’s both demanding and rewarding. The role is a technical one so a STEM education is the strongest path, whether that’s through a four-year college, graduate degree or by way of nanodegrees and online courses. The latter method, paired with practical experience, represents a viable option for securing a solutions architect position. You’ll also find solution architects within tech firms who need to position their software with customers during the sales cycle and aid implementation through ad-hoc projects.

How do I become a solutions architect

The designated role of a solutions architect is a relatively new concept. Previously, senior-level developers or a single competent engineer handled SA responsibilities. That forced employees to wear multiple hats and work as a programmer, project manager, and problem-solver. Besides that, it’s important that solution architects consider the project from a long-term perspective and understand that the solution might need to scale and adapt to possible changes in the future. So, being the one who knows the ultimate target, they guide the development process accordingly.

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An AWS cloud practitioner is someone who has achieved a certificate of AWS competency. Proven track record of work experience as an architect, project manager, or developer. EPAM Anywhere’s team shared their vision, insights, and best practices on leveraging ChatGPT for Java development in a free webinar.

In addition, you’ll likely need several years of experience in your field—with several active cloud computing certifications—to be considered for hire. The highest growth rates for AWS solutions architects are in Houston, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, and Austin. Outside of the U.S., the top of the list includes Canada, Malaysia, India, and Singapore. Earning this certification validates your ability to design, deploy, and evaluate applications on AWS and shows employers you have the critical skills necessary to implement cloud initiatives. AWS Solutions Architects are also responsible for minimizing risks an organization may face, like data breaches, calculation errors, and even application downtime risks. This requires a deep understanding of how to fit all the pieces in the AWS cloud together to create the most secure cloud environment possible.

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At other times, they troubleshoot problems and work with different operating systems. Adaptability is a critical role-specific skill you need to solution architect roles and responsibilities land AWS certification jobs. Digital Cloud Training is one thing you cannot ignore if you want to become a skilled AWS Solutions Architect.

How do I become a solutions architect

This career focuses on specific types of software products for business management, such as enterprise resource planning software. Organizations using these products require a software architect with deep knowledge of the product to help run day-to-day operations. Having an advanced understanding of business analytics and business processes is essential. You won’t be able to help your company meet its goals without an aptitude for business operations.

Technical Skills

ISSAP stands for Information Systems Security Architecture Professional, and this designation shows that you can lead and create effective security solutions for an IT department. Schools do offer online education options that will prepare you for the work, but finding remote work may be difficult. Solutions architects can work remotely, but there are barriers to effective communication. Based on their initial planning, architects develop a technical solution. They lead the process of integrating a new IT system with existing infrastructure.

Broadly speaking, a solution architect’s task is to evaluate all business requirements and come up with solutions in the form of products or services. SAs are not only in charge of finding answers but also of actively leading the technical vision to success. A solution architect is a specialized role within a company tailoring IT solutions to specific business needs. Explore the skill sets and required career paths to become a successful SA. Even with an orientation toward client interests and large business operations, there are instances in which a technology-first perspective is necessary. SAs operate in a combined role, a position ideal for those seeking a mix of technical development and leadership growth.

Essential Skills a Solution Architect Must Possess

Businesses today depend on a variety of applications to achieve their goals. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer network architects earn an average salary of $116,780—however, those with AWS certifications can earn considerably more. In fact, AWS solution architect salaries currently range between $132,500 to $180,000 with top earners making $200,000 annually across the United States, as reported by ZipRecruiter.

How do I become a solutions architect

A degree in mathematics could also stand you in good stead for this role. Browse through our resume examples to identify the best way to word your resume. Then choose from 10+ resume templates to create your Solutions Architect resume. Plan, design, build custom server racks using both Linux and windows servers to meet client needs.

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You might also need specialized experience in networking administration, business development, or customer service. Solutions architects have a bird’s eye view of the entire project they are running. They coordinate with different departments to smoothly develop scalable solutions.

How do I become a solutions architect